Champion Xchange is a platform that takes the beauty of selling livestock privately and incorporates the best benefits of online marketing. For all the individuals who do not have enough labor, time, or the right facilities to be able to prepare a group of animals for a sale; there is now a platform for you! For all the individuals who had an animal that wasn’t quite old enough, didn’t fit the group selling, or didn’t have enough animals for an online sale; there is now a platform for you!


No longer do you have to have all the animals prepared on one stressful day. No longer do you have to have a stressful evening hoping all your buyers are viewing your sale without any other real world commitments to distract them. Picture the animals when they are ready and look their best. Post as many or few animals at a time. Picture and post more animals later at your convenience when they hit their prime.


Champion Xchange’s industry leading software system allows you to manage every step of the process directly from your phone. You can picture, video, post, and sell all from your phone. There is no need to call a sale manager and email content for another individual to post. Upload your picture and video from your phone while filling out the breeding information and finally setting a price on your animal. Simply checkout through our secure payment providers and your listing will be posted for buyers to begin making offers. Champion Xchange allows buyers to make offers on your animals and shows the highest offer so that other buyers know they must make a better offer to purchase your animal. Receive notifications on your phone of these offers so you can accept, decline, or counter-offer all within our system. In the meantime, Champion Xchange will be promoting each listing through our social media pages. Once the animal is sold, our system will generate an invoice to the buyer with a Paypal link to automatically transfer that money to your account, if you elected to do so when uploading the listing. At no point will Champion Xchange touch any of the proceeds from your sale. If you would prefer the buyer pay in person, there is no obligation to pay online. No matter the method, the buyer pays the seller directly…without a middleman…like it should be.   


If you are looking for an enjoyable, stress-free way to sell livestock; there is now a platform for you!